Longrad's Lettings Terms and Conditions

Sets out the standard Terms and Conditions under the agreement in which Longrad will act for Clients as agents in the letting and management of residential properties.

1.0 Introduction and Interpretation

This document sets out the standard Terms and Conditions under "the agreement" in which Longrad will act for Clients as agents in the letting and management of residential properties. The terms are, necessarily, quite detailed and precise, however if any further clarification is required, the Client is requested to contact a member of Longrad staff.

This contract constitutes an agreement between Longrad and the Landlord and both parties should ensure that any spoken or prior agreements have been incorporated. These terms will be legally binding on both parties. By instructing Longrad to act you will be bound by the agreement even if a signed contract is not returned.


In the Terms and Conditions, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise: Use of the singular includes the plural. Use of the masculine includes the feminine.


means anyone owning an interest in the property, whether freehold or leasehold, entitling them to possession of it upon the termination or expiry of the tenancy and anyone who later owns the property.

"THE TENANT" means anyone entitled to possession of the property under a tenancy agreement.

"THE PROPERTY" means any part or parts of the building boundaries fences garden and outbuildings belonging to the Landlord. When the property is part of a larger building the premises includes the use of common access ways and facilities.

"INVENTORY" OR "INVENTORY AND/OR SCHEDULE OF CONDITION" means the document drawn up prior to the commencement of the tenancy by the Landlord or the inventory clerk, which includes the fixtures and fittings in the property.

"TERM" OR "TENANCY" means the fixed term of the Tenancy Agreement and any extension or continuation of the tenancy whether fixed term or periodic arising after the expiry of the original term.

"TENANCY AGREEMENT" means the contract drawn up between the Landlord and the tenant specifying the obligations of the two parties.

"CALENDAR DAY" OR "DAY" means any day of the year including weekends and public holidays.

"RELEVANT PERSON" means the person who paid the deposit or any part of it on behalf of a tenant.

"STATUTORY TIME LIMIT" means the time limit set out in the Housing Act 2004 (as amended).

"THE TENANT CLUB" OR "TTC" means the club membership which Tenants join where they are not providing a deposit to the Landlord.

"WE", "US" AND "Longrad" means Longrad Limited whose registered office address is 23 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6HE, registration number: 8560970.
2.0 Marketing Your Property

2.1 Marketing Your Property

We will provide You with a Lettings appraisal of Your Property, advice on Letting, achievable Rent and types of Tenancy.

Any marketing advice given, including advice regarding the achievable Rent, does not constitute formal advice or a valuation and is aimed at achieving the best Rent from a Tenant whose circumstances best meet Your requirements. As it is not a formal valuation, it must not be used for any other purpose other than deciding upon a marketing strategy. We will market the Property through Our network of offices, the internet and other advertising mediums as appropriate, including marketing to Our existing database of Applicants.

We will also erect an advertising board, unless specifically instructed otherwise, which shall be maintained for the duration of the marketing period and up to fourteen Days after the commencement of the Tenancy, Renewal or Rent Review.

It is the Landlord's responsibility to advise whether boards are forbidden at a leasehold Property, due to local by-laws or if it is a conservation area.

2.2 Keys and Parking Permits

We require You to provide a full set of keys to all main and communal doors for each adult occupant at the start of the Tenancy plus a further set of keys if We are managing the Property. We reserve the right to purchase further keys (at Your expense) where necessary. You should also ensure that a full set of keys are available for use by the Tenant to any cellar, loft, garage, shed, outbuilding, gates, dustbin cupboard, post box, meter cupboard, balcony or window locks as well as any parking permits. Where parking permits or fobs are required You must provide details of the cost and where these can be obtained as they will be assumed to form part of the Tenancy unless advised by You in writing to the contrary. Garages that are located in communal block areas should be defined on the head lease or Property deeds and made available to the Tenant to prevent any misunderstandings of ownership.

Should you not provide Us with a full set of keys required for the tenant to enjoy full use of the Property, We will arrange best possible outcomes for Your Tenants and you will be liable for all costs and charges incurred in making the full use of the Property including the full list detailed above.

We operate a secure tag system which ensures that third parties cannot identify to which Property a set of keys belong. In the unlikely event that the keys are lost or unaccounted for, Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of cutting a new set of keys, unless any loss is due to the negligence or breach of contract by Us.

2.3 Viewings

We will accompany applicants interested in viewing Your Property using the keys You have supplied Us or arranging to meet You at the Property with any applicants.

2.4 Withdrawal Costs

If You accept an offer from a prospective Tenant and later withdraw, the Tenant may be able to take legal action against You for any loss suffered and You may be required to meet the Tenant's reasonable costs and expenses. If You instruct Us to proceed with a Tenancy on Your behalf and later withdraw, You agree by signing these Terms and Conditions to meet the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Us, not limited to the cost of the preparation of the Tenancy Agreement, the Inventory, Tenant referencing, EPC and any other reasonable costs up to the sum of £1,000.00 (Inc. VAT).