Seller's agent: search, viewing and selection of property in London

Are you looking to sell your property in London but find the process overwhelming and time-consuming? At our esteemed real estate agency, we offer a Seller's Agent Service tailored to make your property selling journey smooth and hassle-free.

Here's how our service works:
Property search
We search for your apartment or house with the understanding that our services are free of charge to you.
Viewings and selection
We send you a selection of options at your request and organize viewings only for those options where agents, sellers and developers are willing to pay our introducer's fees.
The negotiation process
We record your name in the agent database. If you like a particular apartment or house and wish to make an offer, we act as the seller's agent in the negotiations, assisting and supporting both parties. We oversee the entire process and coordinate with lawyers, bankers and tax advisors.
This strategy is used by most "free" real estate search companies. This strategy limits the possibilities in negotiations and limits the potential pressure on the seller, agent or developer from our side. The explanation is simple — the agent's client is the one who pays for his services, in this case it is the seller.

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