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Looking for an exciting opportunity to work with high networth investors and some of the most amazing new developments in London? Look no further than LonGrad, the leading independent consulting agency specializing in the selection of high-end residential and commercial properties.

Our team of qualified professionals brings over 15 years of experience to the table, making us experts in the industry. As we continue to grow and attract a steady stream of incoming leads, we're seeking dynamic and driven real estate sales managers to join our team.

If you're passionate about real estate and are ready to take your career to the next level, LonGrad is the perfect place for you!

Job Description:

Your mission - if you choose to accept it - will be to convert leads into actual
customers by building relationships and providing expert advice.

As an estate agent, you'll be responsible for responding to incoming leads faster than Usain Bolt, qualifying them like a CIA agent, and conducting viewings like a tour guide on steroids. You'll build relationships with clients like a matchmaker, but with properties instead of partners.

Please find below a more detailed list of your main responsibilities:

  • Responding to incoming leads - you will be the first point of contact for potential clients. You must be responsive to their queries and needs, providing a high level of customer service;

  • Qualifying leads - identifying the needs of your clients, understanding their budget and requirements, and guiding them towards properties that meet their criteria;

  • Conducting viewings - once you have identified potential properties for your clients, you will need to schedule viewings and show them the properties in person. You will need to provide detailed information about the properties, highlight the features and benefits, and answer any questions your clients may have.

  • Building relationships with clients - cultivating strong relationships with their clients and understanding their unique needs, preferences, and budgets.

  • Negotiating deals - negotiating deals between buyers and developers, aiming to secure the best possible outcome for everyone;

  • Providing expert advice - being knowledgeable about the local real estate market, legal requirements, and financial considerations that can affect your clients' decisions.

  • Managing transactions - managing the entire sales process from start to finish, coordinating with lawyers and financial institutions, and ensuring that all parties fulfill their obligations.

  • Updating CRM - keeping the CRM up-to-date is essential for maintaining a complete and accurate view of your customer base, which can help improve customer satisfaction and drive sales growth.

  • Providing after-sales service - addressing any concerns they may have, and ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchase or rental;

  • Keeping up with industry trends - staying up-to-date with changes in the real estate industry, including changes to regulations, new technologies, and emerging trends, to provide the best possible service to your clients.

The Successful Applicant will have:

  • People skills: be able to schmooze like a pro, even if you secretly hate small talk and just want to crawl into a hole.

  • Negotiation skills: be able to convince people that a tiny studio flat is worth a million pounds, and somehow make them thank you for it.

  • Sales skills: be able to sell sand to a desert nomad, or a timeshare in a war zone.

  • Organization skills: be able to juggle a million tasks at once, like a clown at a birthday party, without dropping any balls (or clients).

  • Time management skills: be able to stretch a minute into an hour, or an hour into a day, without breaking the space-time continuum.

  • Tech skills: be able to use all sorts of fancy tech gadgets, apps, and platforms, even if you're still using a flip phone and a fax machine.

  • Attention to detail: be able to spot a tiny scratch on a wall or a crooked picture frame from a mile away, like an eagle on steroids.

  • Resilience: be able to bounce back from rejection, failure, and disappointment, like a rubber ball in a washing machine.

  • Tenacity: be able to follow up with clients, chase down leads, and never give up, even if they change their phone number or move to a different country

    What's on Offer:

    • A chance to explore the city: You'll get lost so many times that you'll become a true Londoner.

    • Be your own boss: You'll have so much freedom that you'll start feeling like a member of Parliament.

    • Get fit and healthy: With all the running around you'll do, you'll be in better shape than a marathon runner.

    • Access to high-end properties: You'll get to see some of the most luxurious properties in the city, and even if you can't afford them, you can still pretend they're yours.

    • Meet interesting people: You may get to rub elbows with celebrities, politicians, and other high net worth individuals, and maybe even score a free meal or two.

    • Negotiation skills: You'll become such a good negotiator that you'll start haggling with your barista over the price of your latte.

    • Work from anywhere: With the flexibility to work from your phone or laptop, you can take your office to the beach, the park, or even the pub.

    • Great earning potential: You'll make so much money that you'll start feeling like a bond trader, but without the ethical dilemmas.

    • Invaluable life skills: You'll learn how to deal with rejection, handle stress, and work under pressure - skills that will come in handy in any situation.

    • Awesome team spirit: You'll be part of a team that's so supportive, fun, and positive, you'll feel like you're in a rock band or a cult. (But don't worry, we won't make you wear robes or sing songs.)
    Please, send your CV to katya@longrad.com.

    P.S. So, if you're ready to take on the challenge of being an estate agent, and you have the wit, charm, and stamina of a stand-up comedian, a diplomat, and an athlete rolled into one, then send us your CV and start your cover letter with the words "Let's sell some houses, baby!"

    It would be great if you could mentioning the following information in your cover letter:

    • The most relevant places of work;
    • Your results in numbers;
    • What company do you currently work for?
    • Why did you decide to change your current job?
    • Why is this job interesting for you?
    • When are you ready to start?
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