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We remove all the hassle from relocating your employees to London.
Making your team's relocation to London as smooth as possible.
Our relocation and corporate concierge services are completely tailored with the needs of your company, your employees and their families.

LonGrad's key focus is to minimise disruption to your business and help your employees and their families feel at ease when relocating to London, even before they arrive in the UK.

Our team of experienced and qualified property experts will manage the entire process end-to-end: allowing your team members to fully focus on their work; minimising administrative hassle and making your staff relocation super efficient.
Our services
Property search
Search and selection of suitable property for rent or purchase. Arrangement of viewings, including properties on the open market, as well as off-market. Contacting and dealing with property owners and their agents.
Negotiating to reach the best price - acceptable to the landlord, minimal for your team members. Working on optimal rental and contract terms for your team members.
Legal and administrative assistance
Assisting and clarifying terms of the Lease Agreement and the interpretation of UK legislation. Administrative assistance with collecting all the necessary documentation, including Right To Rent issues and monitoring of relevant procedures, related to deposit protection.
Coordinating inventory check-in and check-out and making changes to the inventory report, if necessary.

Receiving and handing over the keys in case the client is not in the country. Transfering of utility bills in the name of the client.

About our team

Longrad was founded in 2005 as an independent consultancy agency specialising in the individual selection of prime residential and commercial real estate. All our employees are qualified professionals who have been working in the prime real estate market for 15+ years and know it like the back of their hand.

Our clients come to us for expertise, experience and unparalleled knowledge of the local market.
Why LonGrad?
  • Extreme Professionalism
    Our clients appreciate our efficiency, professionalism and understanding of their wishes.
  • Exclusive
    We have access to exclusive off-market offers. We buy property for our clients that few people know about.
  • 24/7
    in touch
    You can call us at any time, any day, and we will try to help you right off!
  • Individual Approach
    As an independent boutique agency we provide you with 100% personalized service

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