Negotiator: advice and negotiation in buying and selling real estate in London

Are you looking to buy a property in London or the UK and want to secure the best possible deal? Seems like we are on the same page. At LonGrad, we offer our Negotiator Service designed to ensure you come out on the winning side of every real estate transaction.

With LonGrad's Negotiator Service, payment is directly linked to the results we achieve for you. We are fully committed to getting you the best deal. Here's how it works:
Let's say, you have found an apartment you would like to buy. Contact us for a free consultation on neighborhood selection, market conditions and the buying process. We utilize our years of experience and market knowledge to your advantage, exploring every detail to secure the most competitive price for your desired property.
Negotiations process
If you are serious about your chosen property, we negotiate with the seller (or the seller's agent) on your behalf and negotiate a reasonable price and the best terms for you. We oversee the process comprehensively, working with lawyers, bankers and tax advisors.
Obtaining a discount
The fee for our services is 15% - 40% for the achieved discount of the officially requested price. The amount of the commission depends on the purchase budget.
Payment for our services is directly related to the result achieved. If suddenly we could not achieve a discount, you get a full set of expert knowledge of the market, skills and experience in professional negotiations. If a discount is obtained, you get a decent price for real estate in London or UK, plus you also benefit from LonGrad's comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From initial negotiations to navigating complex paperwork, our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Either way, you are on the winning side.

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