Montenegro Ski Resort: Early Investment Opportunity

Invest in the most promising European ski resort
About Kolašin
One Valley, Two Resorts: 1450 Nest and K16 Peak

Kolašin has rapidly emerged as a thriving hub for ski tourism in Montenegro, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

The resort is meticulously planned, featuring two distinct settlement zones that encompass high-class hotels and apartments, along with a zone of private, exclusive chalets nestled amid nature's beauty.

The masterplan, spread across 2 resorts in the valley presents a total of 16 hotels and 73 chalets. Investing in hotel rooms offers flexibility, allowing investors the choice of acquiring rooms individually or in batches.
Kolašin in Numbers
  • 7.2%
    5 years average estimated rental yield
    * based on 1 bedroom unit at Swiss Hotel
  • 16
  • 73
Kolašin Valleys
Kolašin stands out from all other ski destinations due to its exceptional resort, redefining luxury and convenience. Every unit within the hotel complex is under professional management, offering numerous amenities and year-round activities.

This resort offers a unique opportunity for properties that are on ski slopes, ensuring unmatched experiences and easy access for both guests and property owners alike.

K16 Peak: Planned to feature 10 hotel buildings and 28 chalets, the K16 Peak is a testament to grandeur, encompassing more than 1,000 units and a generous Gross Built Area (GBA) of 74,983 square metres.

This establishes Kolašin Valleys as Montenegro's largest ski resort.
Longrad Partnership Proposal
  • Non-Exclusive Partnership
    Our proposal is non-exclusive, meaning there are no exclusive rights granted to any party. This allows your company the flexibility to continue your existing operations while tapping into the opportunities presented by Kolašin.
  • Competitive Commission
    We are offering an attractive 3% commission on the final sale price of each property successfully sold through your referrals or efforts. This commission will be paid promptly upon the successful closing of the transaction.
  • Regular Updates
    To maintain transparency and foster effective communication, we will schedule meetings to share updates on our collaborative progress of property listings.
  • Legal Framework
    A comprehensive partnership agreement will be drafted by legal counsel, outlining the terms, responsibilities, and obligations of both companies. This agreement will provide a clear framework for our collaboration, ensuring that the interests of both parties are protected.
  • Training and Support
    Our team will provide training and support to familiarise your agents with the Montenegro real estate market, local property laws, and market conditions. This will enable your team to provide excellent service to your clients interested in Kolašin properties.

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